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Steven's Mama
The sounds of a baby's laughter filled the small beach house, occasionally accompanied by the giggles of a woman.
"Up we go!" Pearl said as she hoisted the toddler Steven into the air, producing another peal of wild laughter from the round little boy. There was just something so uplifting about the sound of undiluted joy a child made, it wasn't musical or harmonious by any sense of the words but it filled her with happiness nonetheless.
"Aga! Aga!" Little Steven cried, kicking his legs and waving his arms manically.
"Again? Well, all right. Here. We. GO!" Pearl cried as she lifted Steven high into the air while also performing a pirouette, spinning the both of them across the floor. Steven's smile lit up the room as he screamed with delight and Pearl couldn't hold back a laugh. She pulled the little hybrid into a hug, resting her cheek against his bushy sprout of black hair.
Steven cooed and babbled in her embrace, his little arms wrapping around her neck. For a moment she mistook his
:iconlittle-green-cat:Little-Green-Cat 45 18
Together again - Steven Universe by Cartesia-Dawn Together again - Steven Universe :iconcartesia-dawn:Cartesia-Dawn 485 14 Attack on Sugilite - Steven Universe by RobTheArtGuy Attack on Sugilite - Steven Universe :iconrobtheartguy:RobTheArtGuy 592 85 Steven Universe: Opal. by Sukesha-Ray Steven Universe: Opal. :iconsukesha-ray:Sukesha-Ray 1,458 136 Steven Universe: The Last Gembender by Neodusk Steven Universe: The Last Gembender :iconneodusk:Neodusk 4,415 603 Steven Universe - Greg by Torheit-Skadi Steven Universe - Greg :icontorheit-skadi:Torheit-Skadi 3,220 254 Steven Universe by lauriMari Steven Universe :iconlaurimari:lauriMari 567 8 Chibi Maker 1.1 by gen8 Chibi Maker 1.1 :icongen8:gen8 51,324 12,654
Title explains itself.

Newest Deviations

XanderXReader - Late Nights Out
You snuck around to the back door of your house, clutching your keys in a way that they would remain silent. All the lights in your house were still off, a sign that nobody noticed you slip out several hours ago. A smile crept across your face as you unlocked your back door and slipped in quietly. Though your tiny victory celebration was abruptly cut short as a stern voice stated your name in an admonishing tone.
“Do you have any idea what time it is?”
The sudden noise made you jump and drop your keys to the floor. Your face flushed as you struggled to pick them up and cover the loud jangling noise. Your gaze fell to the couch where your “brother” Xander was sitting. His arms were folded across his chest and anger etched into every detail on his face.
“Uh...sometime after 11?” You sheepishly asked.
“Try 2:30 in the morning,” he hissed. “Where have you
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 6 0
With me in Spirit - GhirahimXFi
He watched from the shadows as the blue figure in front of him skated gracefully along the pool of water. A small trail of light followed close behind her as she danced across the water’s top. Her voice was gentle as she relayed the message from the Goddess to the Sky Child. As she skated closer to where he hid, Ghirahim felt his heart begin to race. For a split second, he felt her meet his gaze. Yet she skated away, not bothering to warn her master of his enemy’s presence. Ghirahim felt his shoulders relax and a warmth in his cheeks as she skated away.
Ghirahim felt his fingers trace over the palm of his hand, remembering the short moments in battle when he had successfully taken the Sky Child’s sword right from his hand. She was a well crafted blade. In his hand, she seemed light and delicate. Yet her blade was sharp and strong. He wished to meet with her again, to watch her dance into his arms. She was was one he would never forget…

The soft murmurs
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 6 1
Being 'In Like'
Whenever I see you, it’s a strange sensation
My head swings and my heart has these palpitations.
It’s almost as if I have been cursed
And everything, things only get worse.
I am certain of one thing; this is not “love.”
For I hear no heavenly choir nor do I see any doves.
Love is a stronger emotion than this,
But something more than friendship certainly does exist.
My tongue ties in knots when I open my mouth
But I’m at a loss for what this feeling is about.
I mean, sure, you’re nice...and funny...and sweet...and kinda cute…
Which brings me to the conclusion that I like you.
And I don’t mean that you’re just a great friend
You’re something more than that...something I’ll never comprehend.
Despite the fact I’ve written about it a million times,
I can’t think about it without wanting to cry.
This is something very difficult for me to admit
Because, for the most part, I’ve been independent.
So here goes...
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 0 2
The Gazebo - Little MacXLink
Little Mac could hardly breathe as the butterflies in his stomach danced an excited ballad, causing his heart to pump intensely, yet in rhythm. The thought of seeing his beloved after training gave him the strength to finally knock the punching bag clean off of the ceiling.
Doc nodded in approval. “Nice job, Mac. I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of power from you in a while!”
Little Mac just gave a relieved sigh as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his glove, “We done?”
“You in a hurry to leave?” Doc asked with a warm chuckle.
“Little bit. I promised a...good friend of mine I’d meet him somewhere.” Little Mac couldn’t help but smile as his dear friend’s face popped into his mind.
Doc sighed, remembering the excellent force displayed just a few moments ago. “You know what? You deserve a break. Go on ahead.”
Little Mac’s grin widened to a smile as he quickly tugged on his
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 0 2
Death Note
Down with criminal activity;
Every single one will fall,
And a new age will begin.
The God of the new world shall
Heal the world with an unthinkable power.
Nothing will stand in His way
Or keep the people from following Him.
Though His time will run short, because
Every human is destined to eventually die.
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 0 2
Out of Reach
I close my eyes
And I can see you.
Not too far away from me,
Facing away and looking out.
I call your name,
But you do not turn around.
I shout it louder,
And my feet begin to carry me closer.
You stand still
But somehow you grow farther away from me.
I start to scream for you
And I run as fast as I can.
Then two others come towards you,
And suddenly you see them.
You offer your hand to him
And draw him close to you.
She throws her arm around your shoulders
And you give her a side hug
And, without turning around,
Leave me.
A crowd of people close the gap between us
And they all reach for me
But I shove them aside
And look for you frantically.
The crowd thins eventually
And you are alone, facing away from me.
I am out of breath from running
And my throat dry from screaming.
But to my surprise, you turn around
And come my way.
It only takes a few steps of yours
For me to come running again.
But when you leave my side again,
I begin to wonder.
Why did it take so long for you to answer?
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 0 3
Eye of Curiosity: Chapter 23
Every limb in his body felt as though it were made of lead. Yellow and red spots dotted his blurring vision. He struggled to hear the aggressive shouts of the people around him. From the crowd of people, a green-colored, blobby figure walked towards him, something long and silver clutched in its left hand.
'Move,' he told himself. 'Move, damn it, move!'
Slowly he managed to begin picking himself. He propped himself up on his right arm, trying hard to ignore the pain and lightheadedness. The figure slowly came into focus, and soon Ganondorf bore the same scowl as Link.
"Little pest," he growled as he pulled himself to his feet, breaths deep and ragged. "Don't you know when to stay down!?
A sudden burst of energy surged through his body as he rushed at Link. His hand wrapped wrapped itself tightly around the young hero's neck as he slammed him against the wall. Horrified, everyone attempted to rush to his aid, only to be blocked by a yellow-tinted wall.
"Stay out of this!" Ganondorf shou
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 0 1
Eye of Curiosity Chapter 21
Warmth enveloped her body. She drifted weightless through a dark abyss, a state of bliss overcoming her mind. The once nerve-wracking thoughts that drowned her were nothing but white noise in the distance. A warm light began to filter through the darkness, with it a familiar voice.
"I'll protect you, Zelda..." It comforted. "私はあなたを愛しています..."

Slowly Zelda's eyes fluttered open. For a moment, she stared absentmindedly at the ceiling, the events of the night prior slowly coming back to her. She sat up, yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. The sun just barely glowing through the window indicated to her it was still fairly early in the morning. She glanced next to her. Marth was still asleep, hair disarray on the pillow. Zelda smiled and laughed a little. She leaned forward and gently kissed the top of the sleeping Prince's forehead.
The sign of affection pulled the Prince from his deep slum
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 1 16
The Legend of Zelda
There is a tale that tells of a young boy, a
Hero, destined to save his country from an
Evil more powerful than any other.
Legendary are their struggles;
Evil and
Every virtue worshipped on his side; power, wisdom, and courage.
Nothing could stand in the boy's way.
Down come the forces of evil once again.
On and on will it return,
Forever threatening the country.
Zephyrs of wind carry the tale through
Every generation, making it a
Legend to behold.
Down the path he walks, never
Asking for anything in return for his deeds, but peace to his country.
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 1 2
LuigiXIke - Morning Dew (OS)
~Morning Dew~
“Luigi! Time to get up!” A familiar voice jarred the Italian from his sleep from downstairs. “Your boyfriend’s downstairs.”
Luigi’s eyes fought him as he attempted to rise from his deep slumber. He had been up for a majority of the night running errands, which is something the plumber resented doing for anyone else, but for the love of his life, he’d cross a million seas. Why, he’d even brave through a dark and spooky mansion armed with nothing but a vacuum and a flashlight.
Downstairs the mercenary fidgeted nervously, as no matter how many times he’d see his lover, he’d always get butterflies in his stomach from the absolute perfection and grace of a God.
Luigi was just as twitchy, if not, even more twitchy. Though his eyelids felt as if they held the weight of large boulders, he forced himself out of his soft cocoon of blankets and brought himself to a stand on the polished wood floor. He then soulfully caresse
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 1 0
Eye of Curiosity: Chapter 19
She was in a blissful, euphoric state. Finally, Zelda’s dream had come true. The few moments they spent together were as though she stood on cloud nine, and parting felt as though it would take eternity. Now she laid on her bed and smiled for what felt like an eternity. Never had she felt so extremely...happy. It was inevitable that word would get out about her and Marth, but...who would she tell first? Definitely not Peach; it’d be everywhere in no time at all. She could tell, still not right.
‘Link!’ The thought crashed into her. ‘I should tell him!’
She stood, brushing off her dress. It wasn’t dusty; just a force of habit she’d acquired. Her father always told her a proper young lady was never dirty. Of course she didn’t care, but she didn’t want to get lectured by her father. Ever since,she couldn’t break the habit.
She left her dorm, closing her door quietly behind her. If she could, she wanted people to
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 2 3
What is Music?
She can be gentle, or harsh.
She may lift you from a sinking depression,
Or drown you in musty, molded memories shelved deep in your mind.
Music is colorful.
She creates picturesque scenery,
And allows our imagination to run wild and free.
She is like a blank canvas.
Waiting eagerly to be composed,
And proudly display her uniqueness when finished.
Music is your best friend.
She comforts you when everything around you crumbles to dust,
And dumps Gatorade on your head when you score the winning goal.
Music is flavorful.
She might taste like a sweet, savory slice of vanilla cake,
Or the dry lump in your throat that’s impossible to swallow.
Music is the rhythm you can’t ever chase out of your head.
Music is the unstoppable pounding of your beating heart.
She is always there, longing, praying, and hoping to be heard.
So, what is music?
She is the very essence of our existence.
That is what music is.
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 4 11
Ode to Video Games
How we, an entire nation,
Worship you.
You beg us every single day:
“Come play with me!”
You force us to abandon our reality.
I am a hero saving the world; not a student studying dilligently.
I am like an innocent child.
Nevermind our responsibilities.
We are slaves to your mastery.
You shamelessly entice me.
A gypsy:
Sly, sleek, and slim.
Your pictures are absolute perfection!
Full of kidnapping clichés, tragedy-surrounded heroes,
And the loving embrace of death.
Such a beautiful masterpiece!
The passion deep in my soul for you
Burns hotter than that of the sun
Your trying dungeons, temples, and puzzles,
Leave me perplexed for days on end.
All my homework, tests, and projects
Are disregarded for your fiction.
I am a mindless puppet.
You continue to pull at my strings, like a puppeteer.
So here’s to you, my one and only love.
A raucous cheer,
And a hearty toast, we shout:
“To video games!”
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 2 3
The Unwanted Resident - Chapter 3
A yellow light shone down. Its brightness almost penetrated your closed eyelids. The ground beneath you was a soft, plushy texture. Warmth enveloped your whole body, which was wracked with chills up until a few moments ago. A gentle smile paints itself across your lips. Nothing could be more serene than the haven you’re experiencing now. Your eyelids slowly flutter open. They begin to  focus on...your bedroom ceiling?
Your body begins to wake up with your mind. You sit up and stretch, confusion etched into your face. Last night you had been pushed into a pool and were in the process of drowning. It all happened so quickly...could your mind have made up the story? You got out of bed and pulled the sheets back. As you went to leave your room, you caught a side glance of your reflection. Curiously you turned to see a full, front-view of your body and felt your blood run cold.
Underneath your right, glistening (e/c) eye were 4 scratch marks.
Thoughts buzzed in your head. How was
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 7 12
New deviantID by LennonTheLlama97 New deviantID :iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 0 1
CreepypastaXReader - The Unwanted Resident (2)
Your (e/c) eyes bore right back into blue ones. They looked at you, filled to the brim with a desperate sorrow and despair. Your entire body trembled. Hadn’t he drowned? How did he surface before you did if he was in the process of drowning? Your entire body felt frozen. Tears began to well up in the drowned boy’s eyes as he turned away from you, coughing. He crouched down on the crouch and hunched over, water heaving out of his mouth as if he actually had drowned, and you had saved him. The thing was though…it seemed like his lungs were a fountain. Worriedly you climbed out of the pool to try comforting him. As you reached a hand to him, he slapped it away and looked at you with wild eyes.
“Don’t touch me!” he shouted. His cough still sounded as though water resonated through his chest, but nothing came up anymore.
“A-are you alright?” you asked him. Your body felt rigid and cold from a chilling breeze that blew past.
He ignore
:iconlennonthellama97:LennonTheLlama97 6 5
Trying to branch out from Hetalia reader-inserts and post more original content. I appreciate it when you click that "Browse" button.

This was a long time coming, but truthfully there's nothing really here for me anymore. I've stagnated and honestly have just liked deviantART's functionality less and less. I'm not deleting my account - you guys can still access my stories and shit. And I'll still be writing, I'm just not going to post on here anymore.

And I'm gonna be honest, I'm not writing Hetalia as much anymore. I know a lot of you guys followed me for my Hetalia content but honestly, I dove so deep into the fandom and now thinking about it, I cringe. The fandom ruined it for me. I might get an idea once in a while and post it, but I'm not going out of my way to do reader-inserts for it anymore. Sorry guys.

If anyone wants to stay up-to-date with my stories, you can follow me on ArchiveOfOurOwn. Or if you want to just stay in touch with me personally, there's always my Tumblr. I mostly post Fire Emblem stuff but Zelda floats by occasionally. And I'm planning to start writing some Harry Potter stuff, too. As I get ideas I'll post them.

Thank you guys so much for giving me my beginnings. Honestly this is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to a community that has helped me grow so much as a writer. Thanks to all the friends I made along the way. Maybe I'll see you guys later.


Pish Lennon
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
deviantID made here:… Characters (C) Respective Owners. (Please see deviation in my gallery for full copyright)

Welcome! My name as far as you are concerned is Pish Lennon. I'm a student that lives somewhere in the United States. And yes, I'm OK with it if you joke around with me about how much America sucks. Even I realize that sometimes.

So I like to write, obviously. Other "professions" of mine are singing, acting, playing guitar, and baking. Yes, I like baking. I find it fun and (most times) relaxing.

As for what I'm into, you'll find Hetalia, Soul Eater, Doctor Who, Black Butler, Bleach, Scientific Railgun, Attack on Titan, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Legend of Zelda, and other assorted Nintendo things. I would really appreciate it if you guys didn't spoil anything for me. I'm not up-to-date with Doctor Who the Black Butler manga, Bleach, or Scientific Railgun.

Stuff I plan getting into? Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, Tsubasa, Pandora Hearts, Supernatural, and probably Sherlock.

If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. I will answer (some) personal questions and any questions you might have about writing. Anyway, feel free to poke around my page, if you'd like.


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